Discuss the importance of the pregnant womans mother during pregnancy.

Discuss the importance of the pregnant woman’s mother during pregnancy.

As a nurse in an antenatal clinic, you are part of an interdisciplinary team that is caring for Margarite Sanchez during her pregnancy. Margarite is 10 weeks pregnant and is a 28-year-old G3 P1 Hispanic woman. She began prenatal care at 8 weeks’ gestation visit. She works in a day-care center. She has a 2-year-old son. José, her husband, has not accompanied her to her second prenatal appointment as he is in his busy season at work in land- scaping. Margarite reports they are pleased about the pregnancy although planned to wait another year or two before attempting another pregnancy. Margarite was seen for some spotting at 6 weeks’ gestation that has resolved. Marguerite tells you has she has been irritable and short tempered with her husband and son, particularly at the end of the day when she feels exhausted. She states she is relieved the spotting stopped but is not sure she feels ready to be a mother of two children. Her mother lives four blocks away and they speak on the phone daily and see each other several times a week. She is very involved in her parish, and the women in her church study group all know she is pregnant and are all certain the baby is a girl.

  1. Detail the aspects of your psychosocial assessment at 10 weeks’ gestation.
  2. Discuss the rationale for the assessment.
  3. Discuss the nursing diagnosis, nursing activities, and expected outcomes related to this problem.
  4. Discuss the importance of the pregnant woman’s mother during pregnancy.
  5. Suggest two interventions that could help to prepare Margarite’s 2-year-old son during the pregnancy.