Discuss the critical elements of the plan and what the key success factors will be for the project success.

Order Description
Project Planning
Organization selected: WSP International Management Consulting Ltd
Project: Reconstruction after the Indian Ocean Tsunami.
You are now to focus on the planning phase of the project. Describe the general plan and the steps involved to achieve project success (from a planning perspective). Discuss the critical elements of the plan and what the key success factors will be for the project success. (Use Heading for paragraphs)
SLP Assignment Expectations (Use Heading for paragraphs)
Be sure to draw on the background readings as you develop your plan. Use in-text citations or footnotes to indicate where you use information from those (or other outside) readings. Your paper will be evaluated on the completeness of the overall plan and the specificity of the steps you identify. Critical thinking will be assessed by the identification and justification of crucial steps and success factors.
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