Discuss Primary health care

Primary health care, also known as essential health care, evolves from a socially acceptable, scientifically sound and economically graded approach to medicine that makes healthcare available and affordable to all patients. The main goal of primary health care is to address the common health problems affecting a certain locality and it serves as a core subject in community health study.

Primary health care covers such health topics as sanitation, dieting and nutrition, lifestyle habits, immunization, disease control, and family planning among many others. Primary health care serves to avail cheap healthcare to patients and educate the inhabitants of a certain locality of prevailing health conditions in the region.

Nursing Primary health care serves as a cornerstone to the universal healthcare system as it studies the general public health care in this fast paced world and attempts to offer counter-measures to the various health problems affecting people that arise. Primary health care is essential in:

  • Educating people on prevailing health problems in a certain geographical area by displaying public health statistics in that particular region
  • Availing affordable and technologically sound medical healthcare to patients affected in certain areas

Nursing students study Primary health care as part of their academic course to teach them about community health standards and various methods to handle the various health scenarios possible in a real life situation. As a nursing student, writing a Primary health care academic paper requires extensive research and a lot of research resources to allow you to present an accurate case an elaborate on the topic.

Writing academic papers on Primary health care helps nursing students understand the various public health sectors and the schemes of work involved. Nursing students, through their research, are able to understand the scope and areas requiring changes in the public healthcare system and perhaps come up with a holistic approach when dealing with such problems.

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