Discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages a company receives when using Expats.

Subject: Human ResourcesIn todays growing global economy and reduced trade restrictions and barriers more individuals are being offered international postings and assignments. This means opportunities to work and live in another country as an expatriate (Expat) for extended periods of time.Discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages a company receives when using Expats. Choose two (2) countries from different global regions. Use at least two aspects from the list below:• what are the additional costs and expenses a company will have to deal with;• what are the difficulties the individual, accompanying family and the Company itself will face;• what would you expect if it were you being sent? of assignment:This 2,500 word maximum excludes the Table of Contents, all appendix materials, as well as the listing of references and source information.• Use, at a minimum, 20 references. You should try to use as many new sources as possible, preferrably no older than four (4) years to complete your report (note: data or information prior to 2011, other than to indicate a trend or form a historical note is not acceptable) OF THE 20 REFERENCES A MINIMUM OF 10 NEED TO BE FROM ACADEMIC SOURCES.• Show and note all references according to the Harvard-style referencing process• You need to include specific examples and demonstrate insight and creativity• Use of charts, graphs, pictures, cartoons, tables, and timely graphics related to your topic are encouraged and should be used within the body of the report.• Ensure the report flows between the country choices and various sections.• Your mark will reflect your ability to add insight and demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of global business, the practicality and realism of the recommendations