Discuss how the Public Affairs theme of self-governance affects the issue and why this issue is relevant today.

English 110 Project 2: Problems in Public Affairs
3rd person, 3-4 pages, 3 sources minimum, MLA Documentation
For the second project in English 110, think about the different ways that the Public Affairs theme affects a few particular issues you care about. The theme is a broad idea that helps us to focus differently on common and uncommon issues. Different themes give us a different angle for our examination of a particular topic, like different camera angles for an instant replay in a sporting event.
This second project is an exploratory writing. An exploratory writing is a neutral, objective overview of a topic. Different than an argumentative essay, an exploratory essay simply provides information from different angles without taking a particular side. Using your research, you should be able to build a fairly comprehensive desrption of the various opinions surrounding a topic. This assignment lets you explore two potential topics for Project 4, the longer researched argument.
For Project 2, you should identify two issues that you might be interested to work on this semester. For each issue, you should
Find at least one scholarly article for each topic. (You should have three in total.)
Identify the issue and its context. (This can involve giving history, defining terms, and providing any other useful information for understanding the issue.) I would recommend a paragraph of context.
Identify the various arguments involved in the issue. This is like identifying the different instant replay camera angles. What are all the positions or concerns (not just for or against)? Give equal time to all sides, and do not take a side. Use research to back up the different positions. I would recommend at least one paragraph per argument.
Discuss how the Public Affairs theme of self-governance affects the issue and why this issue is relevant today. This should be a brief paragraph.
Document your sources in an MLA Works Cited page. Cite in text as needed. On the Works Cited page, for each source, include the following information (like an Annotated Bibliography):
o Who is the author?
o Why is the author credible? (as opposed to biased)
o Where was the article published?
o Is the publication credible? Or is it a biased source (e.g. MSN, Slate, FoxNews)
This is still not a traditional essay, so you dont need to write an introduction to the whole project of two issues, nor do you have to transition between the issues; however, within each of the two sections it should be clear what it is that youre discussing.