discuss expert panel on healthcare.

Interprofessional Collaboration and Nursing
* You are asked to participate on a panel addressing Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC). * Respond to the following:
* You have been selected to be a member of an expert panel on healthcare.
1. You are asked to discuss the importance of interprofessional collaboration (IPC) in the development of your most recent quality improvement initiative that will be submitted at the end of this module (Cleveland Clinic lacks proper standardization of its equipment. The quality improvement initiative will be based on the standardization regulations available to improve care.)
2. As the nurse leader on the panel, you are also asked to discuss what barriers exist for nurses regarding interprofessional collaboration and what can be done to overcome these barriers.
* In your response to this question, include:
A. Your personal experience with interprofessional collaboration
B. What the literature indicates
C. The ethics surrounding this issue
D. What you have learned by participating in this discussion