Discuss accountability and assessment of the counseling programs?

interview a school counselor from grades k-12 and discuss the role of the school counselor in that person’s school. Compare the realities of the interviewee with the guidelines of the Comprehensive guidance counseling program outlined in Chapter 1 and 2 of Professional School Counseling Best Practices for working in the schools. 3rd edition by Rosemary A. Thompson and the ASCA National Model a framework for school counseling programs 3rd Edition by the American School Counselor association.

What is your role as a guidance counselor?
How much time is dedicated to counseling service area?
Describe your typical day.
At your school how are counseling services planned?
Is there a written guidance curriculum for each grade level?
Do counselors conduct developmental guidance programs?
If yes, when and how often do you meet?
Does your department have a mission statement?
Discuss accountability and assessment of the counseling programs?
What data is used to assess?
Discuss the level of collaboration with administration, teachers, parents and outside resources.
What are greatest challenges and rewards?