Discuss a clinical experience in which you had to incorporate one or more learning styles such as visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Explain the outcomes and how you created an effective learning experience

I remember a very specific case where I was instruction a patient in the how to check her sugar and given her self insulin. We first started out with a brochure and video, kinda boring. (visual and auditory)  But then we progressed into the demonstration or kinesthetic  moment. We started with me demonstrating the how to use the accucheck machine. by first showing how to do the controls and then having the patient do the same but then her doing her finger prick. I then demonstrated  how to dial the flex pen to the correct dose after doing the calculation with the patient according to her sliding scale. I then showed her where to give her shot and to make sure to use alcohol to cleanse the area prior to injection.  Before her discharge she was able to demonstrate back to me the entire process from start to finish.

After about 3 months the patient was readmitted to the hospital for a complication of minor surgery and she was able to do her own checks and injections while she was in the hospital. She has now become one of our patient liaisons that speak to new diabetic patients and share their experiences