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In nursing there are several paths that lead to obtaining a license and becoming a member of the profession. In this class, some have obtained a license either as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN) through the traditional nursing program or diploma program. Upon completion of this course and graduation from ISU, you will all have a Baccalaureate degree in nursing. As referenced in the Tegrity class lecture for this past week, it has been believed in the past that a nurse is a nurse is a nurse because, even though nurses were prepared in different programs that varied in length and content, graduates of the programs were all called nurse. Upon completion of the required readings this week, consider how you feel about the saying “a nurse, is a nurse, is a nurse.” Do you feel that nurses who initially graduate from Baccalaureate programs are better prepared to provide care to patients than those who graduate from diploma or traditional nursing degree programs? What do you think is driving the push for the Baccalaureate degree in the nursing profession? Ask yourself, “Where do you go from here?” As nursing and nurses have become more autonomous and independent, is it enough to have a Baccalaureate degree? Think about how the educational requirements of the nursing profession compare with other professions, such as therapists for example. This week you read about the variety of educational programs within the nursing profession. What professional goals do you have now that you have obtained a Baccalaureate degree? Will you continue your education in order to obtain a Master?s degree?