Differentiate Transformational and Transactional leadership and evaluate how the two concepts translate into a practical work environment

Please envision you are the Head of Human Resources in a company that you have worked in. If you have no specific company, please envision a company that you are familiar with. The CEO of the company has asked all department heads to present one of the following topics to the management board, in order for them to be informed about possible improvement areas when working internationally.
In this context, please put together an Executive Style Presentation of approximately 20 mins in length. In this presentation, please inform your senior management about one topic from the following list of choices:
1. Differentiate Transformational and Transactional leadership and evaluate how the two concepts translate into a practical work environment

This is an individual piece of work. As well as your 20 slides, please provide explanatory notes which can be used to support your slides (but not to replace them). These will be assessed alongside the main slides.
Assessment Breakdown

Your Presentation will be assessed against the generic Level 7 criteria and on the following assessment criteria:

1. Relevant and contemporary references, research and examples.

2. The depth and breadth of critical evaluation and critical thinking and reflection

3. Logical, clear, concise and informative Presentation structure and slides.

4. The formation of clear conclusions and recommendations.

5. Academic application to the content

Assessment Guidance
Guidance on how to complete the task
• Max 20 slides
• Formatted to a high degree, suitable to present to Senior Management
• Visible structure of the presentation
• Clear adherance to the instructions and requirements
• The presentation must be research-informed, which means you need to present based on academic reading, not your own practical experience
• You must properly reference sources that you have used
• You must provide a conclusion and present recommendations

Academic Practice
This is an individual assignment. The University of Northampton policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism or any other methods by which students have obtained (or attempted to obtain) an unfair advantage.
Support and guidance on assessments and academic integrity can be found from the following resources

Learning outcomes
The learning outcomes being addressed through this assignment are:

e)Employ – in critical decision making scenarios – existing literature on cross-cultural leadership, including cultural and leadership models and successfully apply these theories to working organisations.

f)Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills in complex and varied organisational scenarios.

The last assignment prepared was good but the feedback was bad the instructions given are as following

Using font 20 is not advisable and is consuming your slide. You need to reduce a lot more and do further debate. Slides as they are now are not deep enough
– you can never present ideas without referencing specially in literature review so please focus on that.
– You said “by applying this style of leadership,HR department can bring innovation to the way the company works”. Fine but how and why? your implementation is equally very light and not deep enough so you need to present a complete plan of implementation, expected results, challenges in those particular departments (at least 2).
Please check the samples giving and ensure to use harvard references and debits to support any ideas critical analysis only modify the final copy which it the fist file And do what the feed back from the teacher ask for it is master degree not undergraduate