Differentiate between international and domestic marketing.

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Differentiate between international and domestic marketing.

Evaluate marketing strategies of multinational corporations.

Describe some of the basic issues involved in developing and executing an international marketing strategy.

Construct a marketing plan to introduce a product or service into a foreign country.

As a group, you will now take the following steps for Phase II:

  1. Formulate a marketing objective for the company’s product and the selected country-market. State your objective for the short term (one year) using SMART—simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timing.
  2. Use a table to compare the marketing plan outlines available through the Internet. Contrast the advantages (strengths) and (disadvantages) (weaknesses) of each plan versus the others.
  3. From your previous analysis, select the best marketing plan that you think is going to help you accomplish your marketing objective. This plan may include topics/subtopics from all three plans. Briefly discuss why you think this marketing plan is better.

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