Did the network give your show a good time slot?

You are writing about TV show “Gracepoint” (https://www.fox.com/gracepoint) is a success or a failure, and how you believe the decisions made by the studio, network and producers contributed to the success or failure of the show.

your paper needs to have ten components:
(1) Premise: Was this a good idea for a show in the first place? Does your show have an interesting or unique enough premise that makes it stand out from other shows on the TV schedule?
(2) Audience Demographic: What audience do you think they were aiming for when they decided it was a good idea to put this show on television? In your opinion, were they right in thinking that the show would appeal to this demographic?
(3) Cast: Did they do a good job casting the leads? If the lead actors have played notable roles on other shows or in movies, what audiences do they potentially bring?
(4) Showrunner: Who is your showrunner? Sometimes its the creator of the show, sometimes its not. Sometimes the network brings in other showrunners to guide a show through its early growing stages. Why do you think the network trusted this person or this team to run the show? Was that a good decision?
(5) Writing staff: Who are some of the other writers that got hired on the show, and based on their credits, do you think those were good ideas? You dont have to tell me about every writer on the staff, but pick out at least one or two of the other writers to comment on.
NOTE: To find out who the writing staff is on your show, look at more than just the episode credits on IMDB. Read articles on your show, because by this point in the season, some of the important writers may not have written episodes yet.
(6) Director: Who directed the pilot of your show, and based on their credits, was that a good choice?
(7) Time slot: Did the network give your show a good time slot? Remember, slotting a show at 8pm on Tuesday says one thing about what audience the network is aiming for versus putting it at 10pm Friday.
(8) Competing Shows: What shows is (or was) your show up against on other networks and does that put your show at an advantage or disadvantage?
(9) Marketing: Given the target demographic for your show, how are they marketing the show to that demographic? Are they doing a good job?
(10) Summary: If your show got canceled, what are the lessons that can be learned from its failure? If your show got picked up, what do they need to continue to do in order to have success? If your show hasnt been picked up yet, what needs to happen?
Now, you dont need to write out those ten questions and answer them individually. Instead, your paper should be an essay, and the answers to all of these questions should blend together in your essay.
Heres something that should be obvious: if your show got canceled, its a failure. If it has been picked up for a full season, its a success, at least so far. If it hasnt yet been picked up for a full season, then its too soon to know for certain, but you still have to make a judgment.
If you are writing about a show that got canceled, you have to say a lot more than just “the show sucked.” You have to get into the reasons and try to understand why smart and well paid individuals at the network who have made good choices on other shows might have screwed up when it came to your show.