Determine whether there is a significant relationship between assessed value


– Answer each questions thoroughly with both mathematical calculation and explanation where appropriate.

-Due Friday 9/23 @11:55pm

#1. Download the data labeled “final exam”, using the table “Stock Price” and complete the following

a. Complete the moving average using the Data analysis tool pak. Your interval for the data is 5, provide the moving averages and chart output.

b. Obtain the forecasting values using the regression analysis method. Using the following regression Model – >Stock Price = a +b (Amazont-1). You must find the slope, intercept, write the new equation, and give the newly forecasted data from the new equation. You must use the appropriate excel functions to find the new slope, intercept and new data.

c. Compare both the moving average and linear regression models of forecasting by the absolute forecasting method done in class on 9/13. Using this information, explain which method is more appropriate for this data set. ( Hint – you must find the absolute value of the moving average/regression and the original data provided. Then you will find the average of that data)

#2. develop a model to predict the assessed value ( In thousands of dollars) using the size of the house ( thousands of square feet) and the age of the house (in years). Using the table labeled “house value” complete the following

a. Using the data analysis in excel, complete a regression model to find the multiple regression equation.

b. Explain the significance of each slope in this equation.

c. Predict the assessed value for a house that has a size of 1750 square feet and is 10 years old.

d. Determine whether there is a significant relationship between assessed value and the two independent variables ( size and age) at the .05 significance. ( Hint – perform the F test)

e. Interpret the meaning of the coefficient of multiple determination in this problem

f. At the .05 level of significance, determine whether each independent variable makes a significant contribution to the regression model. Indicate whether or not reject Ho. ( Hint – determine the t-stat)

g. Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population slope between assessed value and size.

h. The real estate assessors office has been publicly quoted as saying that the age of the house has no bearing on its assessed value. Based on your answers above, do you agree or disagree

Answer the following questions in complete sentenecs and provide the appropriate calculations
a. State the multiple regression equation
b. Interpret the meaning of the slope in this equations
c. Predict the value for a hosue that has a size of 1,750 sqare feet and is 10 years old


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