Determine level of production/service necessary to meet demand generated by marketing.

Put yourself in the position of marketing manager for the restaurant organization.
You will need to gather some information before writing. You should also look into the secondary literature regarding current information in restaurant sales.
Identify each service and product specifically. For product, identify in terms of name, trademark, color, shape, and other characteristic, including packaging and labeling.

Differentiate products/services in terms of exclusive processes or superior ingredients and other features.
Describe product/service weaknesses.
Describe product lines, and new products/services that will be introduced.
Give cost of each product/service.
Give the price you plan to charge for each product/service
Identify percent of annual sales and total dollar amount each product/service represents.
Determine level of production/service necessary to meet demand generated by marketing.

Before you start writing—read all of the material for this weeks assignment. As you read, highlight the areas of the text that align to this weeks paper.

Next, take a few minutes to write an outline. This will save you a lot of time if you do this before starting to write. Here is an example of a sample outline for this paper. Your outline will look different—it will have the specifics that you intend to include in your paper.

Sample Paper Outline

Title: New Product Development

Introductory Paragraph (Write your thesis firstthe rest of the paper will flow from your thesis.)

Paragraph 1: Idea Generation

Creating a new product based on observed need (link to mission & strategy)

Paragraph 2: Screening

Discuss Competitors/market trends

Paragraph 3: Idea Evaluation/Concept

Estimate costs
Market research

Paragraph 4: Development of Product/Business

Analysis design and manufacture of the product
Selling price
Sales volume
Market test

Paragraph 5: Commercialization/Product Launch/Promotion Campaign

Paragraph 6: List and discuss the characteristics that affect the marketing of a service (which may be different from products).

Paragraph 7: Moving into the product adoption phase.