Determine how these programs affect the other parts of the criminal justice system—the police corrections or juvenile justice

Review the Center for Court Innovation website, and select one program that has been effective in aiding victims of crime, reduces crime, or strengthens neighborhoods.
Initial Post: As you examine the court initiated criminal justice policies, what do you see as the most promising programs? Determine how these programs affect the other parts of the criminal justice system—the police, corrections, or juvenile justice? Based on government budget priorities, how does the court fund these initiatives? What effect does court-directed revisions to criminal justice policies have on overall criminal justice reform? Support your claims with examples from the required materials and/or other scholarly sources, and properly cite your references with both in-text and APA citation at the end of your post.

Guided Response: Review your peers posts, and substantively respond in a meaningful way to at least two of your peers. With todays austere budgets at the local and federal levels, programs such as these come down to funding or reprioritizing funding. Assume you are the chief of police or the director of prisons; how do you prioritize innovative criminal justice policy initiatives such as those proposed by your classmate? What questions must be answered before you would be willing to prioritize this program ahead of funding for one of your programs or additional manning in your department? In your evaluation of your peers posts, are there issues that need to be addressed before you can support the court initiatives? Support your position with scholarly references. Respond to at least one Instructor Response in the discussion. Continue to monitor the discussion forum until 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) on Day 7, and respond with robust dialogue to anyone who replies to your initial post.