Describe your research film you have chosen for analysis why and your method- how you will analyze the film

Describe your research, film you have chosen for analysis, why and your method- how you will analyze the film. State your Research Question based on the thesis you will develop with evidence from other scholars and your film analysis. Film analysis should include analyses of the narrative, characters and relationships, direction, lighting and cinematography, music, sound and visual effects and other relevant elements of cinematic art, style and technique used to create your selected film.

Write detailed analysis of each scholars’ work and findings that inform your film analysis Journalism and web resources properly cited may be used in the final presentation but not in the literature review. Use the University Libraries Databases A-Z e-resource Communications and Mass Media articles index or other indices and select only academic (peer reviewed) journal, articles, full text only, and you can select years you wish to search. Books or book chapters relevant to your research area are also good for the literature review. Include APA bibliography information for your sources.