describe your organizations stage of development, from very linear to becoming a “complex adaptive system”

EACH STUDENT/GROUP MEMBER – please answer ALL of the following questions by analyzing your respective healthcare organization, which includes your current work setting, using your “complexity lens.”

Provide rationales, based on concepts and material in the required texts and other references as appropriate. Cite and list references used in APA format.

You may use charts to describe and illustrate any comparisons/contrasts and/or summarize as appropriate. Group collaboration must be evident, perhaps as a summary discussion at the end of each question of your findings or information presented in a chart.

The total length of all answers will be as extensive as required to reflect your individual and group efforts. There is no limited number of pages for this assignment.

Grading will be based on:

1) depth of analysis and discussion in addressing all of the components of each question = (40%)

2) rationales reflecting application of information and concepts = (40%)

3) references utilized from required texts and other sources and proper APA format in citing and listing References = (5%)

4) reflection of group collaboration in discussion/analysis of individual group member input = (15%)

– a summary for each question may be used (e.g., chart may be used to present each individual group member’s analysis/discussion of each question and its components, then the collaborative group discussion can be summarized describing analysis of that input for comparisons/contrasts, conclusions, etc.).


1. Individually conduct an organizational assessment to answer the following:

a) describe your organization’s stage of development, from very linear to becoming a “complex adaptive system”

b) discuss how the style and actions of leadership affected the organization’s stage of development

You need to use the following concepts/information to describe the assessment and answer this question:

— four (4) components of the Complexity Leadership Model discussed in the text Complexity Leadership (p. 4).

– complexity science concepts discussed in Complexity Leadership, Table 2.1 (pp. 20-23)

– concepts in mechanistic and complexity paradigms in Complexity Leadership, Table 3.1 (p. 44)

– concepts in linear and complexity approaches in Complexity Leadership, Table 3.2 (p. 45)