Describe your nursing experience in which you may have worked with an advanced practice nurse or(if a doctoral applicant) nurse researcher.


Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose for Graduate school admission- Certified Registered Nurse Anethetist. See attachement

Guidelines for Writing the Personal Statement ? UB School of Nursing Graduate Programs
The faculty of the School of Nursing has the responsibility of evaluating your application. An important
component in your application ?Your Personal Statement? tells the Admissions Committee why you are
seeking advanced study in nursing. Use the outline that follows to complete your personal statement. (All
items must be addressed.)
I. Advanced Study in Nursing as a Career Goal.
1. Why are you seeking professional education at this time?
2. What particular aspects of advanced study in nursing interest you most?
3. What contribution will you make to the School and your fellow students?
4. What are your career goals in nursing for the five years following graduation?
II. Experience as a Student
1. How do you expect your performance in graduate school to compare with performance as an
undergraduate student?
2. Give reasons for any differences you may anticipate.
3. If you have ever received failing grades, been on probation, or been dismissed from or denied
readmission to any college, explain. Be specific.
III. Work Experience
1. Describe your nursing experience in which you may have worked with an advanced practice nurse or
(if a doctoral applicant) nurse researcher.
2. Give an example of a work related problem you experienced and how you were able to resolve it.
IV. Other Life Experience – each student is reviewed individually and is sometimes eligible to be nominated
for fellowship or scholarship. 0.0.
International competition, together with the challenges posed by the defence industrial strategy, necessitates rapid improvement in the effectiveness of our supply chains. At the same time, industry must ensure that it delivers competitive solutions for customers whilst maintaining profitable business growth.
…… . .
In 2006 the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) and its members agreed on a single programme to improve performance across the UK aerospace industry. SBAC subsequently launched SC21 at the Farnborough International Airshow with Government support.
There were nineteen (19) founding companies or signatories (including sixteen of the country’s largest primes and 3 key small and medium sized enterprises or SMEs. The 19 founding signatories – BAE Systems, Bombardier Aerospace, Naysmyth Group, Airbus UK, Rolls-Royce, Smiths Aerospace, Lockheed Martin UK, Agusta Westland, Thales UK, Cobham, GKN, Darchem Engineering, Freeman and Proctor, Marshall Aerospace, Ultra Electronics, Goodrich Corporation, MBDA, Rolled Alloys, ) all signed up to the SC21 programme at the Airshow.

The SC21 programme continues to grow, averaging four new signatories every week, giving industry a bright future and strong support from within its own community. SC21 has over 600 signatories on the programme including EDAS Cassidian and Cassidian Cyber Security