Describe the role(s) of nurses within the agency

Describe the role(s) of nurses within the agency

Scenario 4
One of the first families that you visit as a PHN is heavily involved in substance abuse. The father, at the age of 22, is an alcoholic and uses Meth. The new mother, age 18, is a known user of Meth. Their newborn infant is irritable, spits up his feedings, and refuses to be cuddled. What community resources are available to aid this family?

select a different agency in their location that can provide services for that client or family


Boynton Beach, Florida or could be Palm Beach County , State Florida

Case Scenarios
• Identify the needs that this agency is designed to meet
• Describe the role(s) of nurses within the agency
• Identify how this agency could better be utilized by the population of focus

Each group member will create a profile of their selected agency:
• Identify an agency whose services are necessary in meeting the health and social needs of the individuals from the selected scenario
• Telephone the agency, identify yourself as a nursing student at JU, and make an appointment to visit the agency
• Visit the agency and gather information, using the guidelines
• Determine how this agency could best meet your client’s needs
• Employ sources for locating community agencies, including the Internet, newspapers, yellow pages, and the local health department
Make sure you include:
• History of agency
• Location and environment
• Programs and services
• Eligibility requirements, fees
• Public relations and marketing
• Relationships to other agencies within the community
• Projected needs of agency
• Utilization of services by people in the community