Describe the pee and post nursing care of the patient following IV line change

Aim/s (What is it that you wish to achieve as the teacher; in other words what do you want the learner to learn?). For example, the aim of this teaching session is for learners to ‘learn how to change an IV line using aseptic technique. Your learners may be 2nd year nursing students. State in your teaching plan who your learners are and their style of learning if you know. If not what should you do? Is knowing the learning style important? Why?

• Teacher objectives (here you need to spell out what exactly will the components of your aim be? For example, at the end of the teaching session the learner will be able to:
1) Explain the principles of aseptic techniques
2) List the equipment needed to safely change the IV line
3) Describe the pee and post nursing care of the patient following IV line change
4) List the complications of IV line infection etc

• Teaching model/learning theories and the rationale for their use. Here you need to think about what teaching/learning models theories will best suit your learner. For example are your learners mature age in which case you may wish to use Kolbs Experiential Learning theory to scaffold new information with what they already know; are your learners 1st year physio students (mostly school leavers) in which case you may wish to use Banduras social learning theory where they will learn from each other through role modelling in group work etc or you may want to use a positive reinforcement theory using Skinners work where people learn because they are motivated by reward i.e. pass grade or a certificate or praise from the teacher. Briefly describe the learning theory/s you will be using; the rationale for their use; you can use more than 1 theory.

• Teaching strategies including choice of teaching methods you may wish to use i.e. show and tell, role play; power point with demonstration etc. You will need to carefully choose the teaching strategies to suit the learning theory. For example if you are using a positive reinforcement theory then your teaching strategy/s must have a reward built into it to complement the theory.

• Learner outcomes/ evaluation; here you will need to state what your learner will need to demonstrate that they have indeed learned what you wanted them to learn? For example at the end of the lesson, the learner will:
1) Engage in successfully changing an IV line using aseptic principles on the mannequin via demonstration; when is a good time to evaluate the learner as some skills take longer to commit to deep learning than others. What does the literature indicate?
2) Attain 100% in a quiz on complications of IV line infections; when will you give the quiz; why have you chosen this time frame etc; What does the literature indicate?

The word count for your teaching plan is 1500 words excluding references. The plan is to be presented in essay format. References should be no less than 10 references and follow APA Style 6th Ed.

Include an assignment cover sheet and title page with your essay, but you do not need to include the marking guide.
Convert your essay to pdf and upload via Turnatin link on the course site.