Describe the issues discussed at the activity and controversies debates presentations etc. that occurred at the activity.

Students will be expected to attend one of the following advocacy activities before the end of the semester (this is mandatory – no exceptions). Students must write up a 2 page summary of this experience, discussing the goals of the advocacy activity, policy issues discussed, further actions if applicable, your future plans for advocacy (refer to Rubric p.11).

The write up should follow the following format:
I.) Introduce the policy/advocacy topic for this activity and provide a description of the importance of the issue to health care, nursing and public policy.
II.) Describe the issues discussed at the activity and controversies, debates, presentations, etc. that occurred at the activity.
III.) Discuss your experiences of this activity including what you knew about this issue/topic prior to the activity, what you learned from participating in this activity and what you can do to impact policy related to this issue.

Examples of an advocacy activity are:
1) United Nations Meetings
a. Up coming meetings and topics will be posted for students to attend
(Students are encouraged to go one of these
2) Local nursing association educational forums or workshop
a. Examples of nursing forums or workshops
i. NYSNA (
1. Lobby Day
ii. Nurse Practitioners of New York (
1. Lobby Day
iii. ANA (
3) Physicians for a National Health Program monthly forum
a. Check Website for upcoming forums (
i. Held in NYC on Tuesday evenings
4) Other — discuss with your instructor