Describe the Gap between Nursing Education and Clinical Skills

Describe the Gap between Nursing Education and Clinical Skills

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You have written Chapter 1 and 2 of Thesis proposal.The topic is The Gap between Nursing Education and Clinical Skills, Are New Graduate Nurses Ready for the Workplace? I submitted the theoretical framework below and was asked to now, write your topic and your theory together here. How does your theory guide your research? Name at least 3 ways. You might be asked this question at thesis defense. Remember if this is the correct theory for your planned research you will see this theory mentioned within your articles.

I will also attach Chapter 1 and literature review for you to look at.

Subject: Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework that is consistent with my research topic is Patricia Benner’s theory from Novice to Expert. “Benner’s practice development theory demonstrates how a nurse moves from a beginning, rule-based practice through to expert care. Her notion of expert practice as intuitive has not been well-accepted or understood in nursing. A new description of expert practice includes three types of intuitive practice (cognitive, transitional and embodied), the development of which are dependent on knowledge, experience and reflective time” (Lyneham, Parkinson & Denholm, 2009. P 2477). This theory applies to the learning process of nurses and would apply to the gap that exists between nursing education and nursing practice. Without proper education and training, the new nurse cannot progress through the stages of novice to expert. Every new nurse begins as a novice nurse, however, with the proper education and training they are given the confidence to progress through the stages appropriately.

Definitions of terms:

Nursing Education- development of the nursing profession

Nursing Clinicals- supervised sessions in real world healthcare environments for nursing students to practice in.

Nursing preceptorship- “A clinical preceptorship can be defined as a supervised clinical experience which allows students to apply knowledge gained in the didactic portion of a program to clinical practice” (Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas, 2005).


Lyneham, J., Parkinson, C., & Denholm, C. (2009). Expert nursing practice: a mathematical explanation of Benner’s 5th stage of practice development. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 65(11), 2477-2484 8p. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2009.05091.x

Board of Nurse Examiners For the State of Texas, (2005). Rules and Regulations Relating to Professional Nurse Education, Licensure, and Practice