Describe the appropriate theoretical model (epidemiological triangle OR web of causation) and state why it is an appropriate model for understanding the epi issue.

Epidemiology ? Smoking (Nursing.Community health nursing)

Paper details:
Please see rubric
APA 7 page ( seven references ? 5 scholarly journal article one book ? ISBN ? provided

Epidemiology Paper Purpose
The Epidemiology paper is an in depth study of a community or population public health problem. The purpose of the papers is for students to demonstrate the fundamental community health skills:

Describe the public health problem using appropriate epidemiology statistics and using descriptive epidemiology.
Analyze the health problem using epidemiology and theoretical models (including its epidemiology and previously tried solutions) using analytical epidemiology
Propose a plan to solve the problem, including all three levels of prevention.
Discuss evidence-based recommendations for decreasing or elimination the problem
Please review the Epidemiology Scholarly Paper Rubric below for detailed explanations of what is to be discussed and included for each section and points assigned.

NOTE: You must receive at least a 24% originality report for the paper to be graded. Please give yourself enough time. See Syllabus for more detailed information.

Grading Rubric for this assignment

(7 ? 8 pages excluding the Title Page and Reference Page)?APA Paper

Epidemiology Topic ?Smoking ( APA paper )
( This course is community health nursing- graduate level ) Please must citation and five scholar journal ..see attached article and use other scholar article as needed )
Points Possible
Introductory paragraph that includes:
– General introduction of paper
– Selected epi problem
– Purpose of the paper (what you plan to write about/discuss)
Descriptive Epidemiology
Discuss: Using a descriptive epidemiology approach discussed in your textbook, describe the problem in terms of a) person, b) place, and c) time, incorporating factors from your textbook to describe the problem, and clearly differentiating between the three terms.( please type in Google descriptive epidemiology then choose Descriptive epidemiology pattern of disease person, place and time chapter 4 ) text book ISBN ? 9780323100946.. chapter 9 ,page no 164) please use citation of this book please here .
Incidence and Prevalence
Define incidence and prevalence. Compare the incidence and/or prevalence rates at the local, state, and national level. Hints -( Please discuss National level ? United States, State ? Colorado, Local ? Denver county )
Identify and describe: Healthy objectives objective numbers relating to your epi issue. NOTE: You can find Healthy objectives at the web site: At this site, click the 2020 Topics and Objectives. Click the areas for which you want to find objectives.( Please discuss United States and Colorado state)
Theoretical Model
Describe the appropriate theoretical model (epidemiological triangle OR web of causation) and state why it is an appropriate model for understanding the epi issue. Explain how the problem develops or explain the “cause” of the health problem using the appropriate theoretical model (either Epidemiological Triangle or Web of Causation).
Levels of Prevention
Discuss at least one primary, one secondary and one tertiary prevention intervention for the epi problem based on professional journals and appropriate web sources. (Define primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention in your discussion).
Helpful tip: Go to CDC and type in Disease/problem name and prevention interventions. For example: Chronic Disease or STI prevention interventions/strategies. Hints -(see attach document for article )?nicotine vaccine ?see attached article ?First level of prevention ? promote health ,prevent occurrence of disease and ,Second level of prevention ? screening of disease ,Third level ? treatment )
Evidence-Based Practice
Discuss at least one evidence-based practice recommendation for addressing the problem. You may find programs at a) Community Preventive Guidelines at: (Pick a topic listed that has evidenced-based interventions listed–click on a topic to see if there are interventions listed), b) Cochrane Database () for evidence-based practice recommendations, c) AHRQ evidence-based practice recommendations or d) a professional journal article discussing evidence-based recommendations Hints- ( please use attach article for discussion ? exercise based smoking program, Workplace has potential settings through large group of people can be reached ? see attached article and you can also add more journal article ) can use more journal here .
Summarize findings, including the problem, prevalence / incidence, evidence-based programs, and community health nurse role(s).
Scholarly Paper Writing
Appropriate grammar, spelling and use of APA formatting in-text and reference page (at least 5 scholarly /research materials current within the last five years of publication).
Total points possible
Please write each content one page and total of seven page ? please give heading and sub heading
Please Data collection only on – United States and Colorado and local Denver county please use other website as below )

Week 4( please use online resources from this site also )

Epidemiology and health statistics web sites:
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System: Behavioral Risk Factor surveillance system which allows you to view risks at the national, state and local levels

Burden of chronic disease and their risk factors by state:

Go to:
Click the state of your choice
Cancer Mortality Maps and Graphs:

Center for Disease Control WONDER: This database can be queried for mortality and morbidity information along with specific disease statistics by region, gender, etc..

Center for Disease Control Data and Statistics: This is a VERY comprehensive site for accessing health data ranging from mortality to vital records. A number of the databases on the resource page are also incorporated into this web site.

Health Data Interactive:

Great site for accessing national and state data.
Morbidity data: Chronic Disease Indicators and Prevalence by State and Nation

Go to:
Select a State and area for comparison
Select a category of indicators (Physical Activity and Nutrition for example) and click SEARCH. You will see prevalence data for the indicator
National Center for Health Statistics:

National Center for Health Statistics FastStats from A-Z:

National Center for Health Statistics GIS and Public Health: Geographic maps of morbidity and mortality statistics This is a great site for viewing Geographical Information Systems data which maps health statistics by geographic region. It displays how mortality and morbidity varies considerably by geography.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Healthy People 2010 Data 2010: You can track Healthy Peopl 2010 national data at this site.

Specific Population Health Statistics Web Sites:
Children’s Health (School-Age and Adolescents)
This web site contains reports on school-age and adolescent health.
This site provides survey results on adolescent health and attitudes/behaviors
This site is the Adolescent and School Health web site that has information on the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System.
This is the HRSA site for child health data
This is the HRSA site for teen health data

Maternal-Infant Health
This is the Center for Disease Control’s web site on Reproductive Health Information and data, including morbidity and mortality information.