Describe how the results of the measures can be used for quality improvement

Describe how the results of the measures can be used for quality improvement

Provide a minimum of a two to three paragraph response that directly addresses your thoughts on their post. Describe how the results of the measures can be used for quality improvement in one of the following medical settings, physician office (ambulatory care),community health center and hospital

Post listed below:

JC (Joint Commission) 

The mission statement that I have gathered about this organization is that of continuously improving healthcare for the public (The Joint Commission (n.d.). They take into consideration of that of the stakeholders, they evaluate the healthcare organization and inspire them to provide a safe and effectively high quality of care and value to all patients. The joint commission organization can be considered as an accreditation since it is an organization that is not for profit. I would say that the information that is collected and placed on the organizations websites is placed there for the external stakeholders so they can view all the changes that might happen to the organization on a regular basis. When it came to finding the quality improvement measures for this organization they were easy to find on the website just by using the search bar. The list of five improvement measures are data knows best, proper planning prevents poor performance, communicate, invest upfront, and don’t be a dinosaur (The Joint Commission (n.d.). To describe some of the improvement tools a little better than their titles like don’t be a dinosaur means be open to changes as that’s one of the main ways to make changes, data knows best means that data helps organizations make decisions when it comes to changes. Those were just a couple ways in which the joint commission sees fit for quality improvement tools.

CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

The mission statement for the CMS is to ensure that the voices and needs of the populations are present as the agency continues to develop, implement, and evaluate programs and policies (Mission-vision-our-work. (2019, June 19). The vision of the CMS organization is for all beneficiaries to receive the highest level of healthcare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services organization can be considered or listed as being a governmental agency as it helps people all over the Unites States whether they have disabilities as a young person or they are getting ready to retire and start drawing social security. The information listed on the CMS website is like that of the joint commission it is on there so the external stakeholders can see all the information right when it changes. The quality measures for CMS are a little different than that of the joint commission organization. The list of quality improvements measures can be listed as clinical processes, patient safety, care coordination, health outcomes, patient engagement and clinical guidelines just to name some of them off.

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