Describe background/context of the identified local measurable practice issue.

Quality Improvement Paper

Assignment For this assignment select a practice improvement issue within your organizational system and within the realm of your practice area. Using the grading rubric as a guide, develop a quality improvement plan to address the identified issue. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate knowledge of the essential elements of quality improvement, with change theory as an underpinning for the process. Do not use a quality intervention plan that has already been implemented for this assignment; this should be a new plan for the organization with a clear measurable problem statement and a planned evidence-based intervention.

Students are not expected to implement the plan; however, the process for implementation and evaluation is addressed as part of the planning process. The paper should be carefully written in a formal style, based on primary sources, provide an integration of ideas, and be 6 to 7 pages in length, excluding title page, appendices & reference list. Organized flow, logical progression of ideas, and clarity in thought are essential. Please use headings consistent with the topic areas of the rubric to separate content.

References must be timely; published within the previous five (5) years. Liberal number of primary and peer reviewed references (minimum of 10). This paper must be submitted to Turnitin. You will be allowed to complete revisions in Turnitin until the due date. The final paper will be submitted in the course assignment area in USAonline. Deductions: Papers over the page limit will be penalized by a disregard of content over the page limit. Scholarship Expectations: A lack of scholarship deduction of up to 20% of the total point value of the assignment will be applied to address such deficiencies as APA errors, title or reference page errors, a lack of clarity and conciseness in writing, grammatical and spelling errors, exceeding the prescribed page limit, and poor overall writing skills.

For example, an assignment worth 15 points could have a maximum lack of scholarship deduction of 3 points (20% x 15). The amount of the deduction will be at the discretion of the faculty member. You are clinical nurse scholars in the making. You are the nurses with Rev 3/19 advanced education/ DNPs and members of the highly literate profession of advanced practice nursing who will chart the future of health care. Good writing ability is as much a required skill for nurses in advanced practice as performing clinical functions. Therefore, precision and scholarship is expected in all assignments. Rev 3/19 Grading Rubric Name: Grade Points Introduction paragraph (one paragraph). Introduce a practice issue appropriate for a quality improvement project facilitated by a MSN or DNP prepared nurse. The practice issue should be stated as a clear problem statement. There must be a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph that tells the reader the purpose of paper and what will be discussed. 1 Describe background/context of the identified local measurable practice issue. Quantify (measure) the local practice concern to establish a baseline for your work. State a project aim in a single sentence. Use evidence to further support the concern.