Describe and discuss at least three wicked problems faced today

Problem and Policy Papers:
this is paper number (1)
problem and policy papers should be at least 8 double spaced pages in length, but not more than ten. Papers should be prepared in APA format, complete with a cover page, page numbering in the upper right hand corner, double spacing, in-text citations, and a reference list.

There must be a minimum of five (5) sources that include the texts from class (relate the theory to your case), academic journals, and major news sources as well as any other additional works that supports your analysis. Web sites such as Wikipedia are not considered credible sources to be cited but are good beginning information sources. I would use them in my research but not cite them. Get the information from a peer reviewed source.

Written assignment # 1: The first policy problem paper involves reading the classic article by Rittel and Webber. With the understanding this article was written in 1973, please discuss the following:

What are the similarities and/or parallels to the concepts raised by the authors over 40 years ago to the applicable state of affairs today (how and why things have not changed very much)
Describe and discuss at least three “wicked” problems faced today (this could be global, national, or state/local)
Discuss possible policy solutions to these problems or why public policy cannot realistically deliver solutions.