Define the term E-Commerce.

Chapter 9

1.Enterprise systems integrate data and information and support business processes. Identify three accounting and financial processes that enterprise systems support.

2.In one paragraph, explain how enterprise systems provide value for businesses.

3.Customer relationship management involves the interaction with customers in sales, marketing and service. Explain how CRM helps a company to maintain a competitive advantage, especially in a global market.

4.How do companies use Social CRM?

Chapter 10

5.Define the term E-Commerce.

6.E-Commerce has grown rapidly. Explain these two terms that apply to E-Commerce: ubiquity and global reach.

7.Define the term digital goods. Identify one item that you have purchased or obtained digitally over the last year.

8.Name and describe the three categories or types of electronic commerce.

9.Explain what is meant by the term “wisdom of crowds.” How does this relate to marketing?

10.Explain how the “social graph” or social relationships affect marketing and e-Commerce