Define briefly the concepts of sensation and perception

Explain briefly classical conditioning and operant learning? Give example?

2. What are factors affecting classical conditioning? Explain only one briefly?

3. What is a Latent learning? Provide Example?

4. What is a Motivation and explain how the motivation model works?

5. Explain briefly Maslow pyramids of needs?

6. Define Emotion? And what are the primary emotions explained by Plutchik?

7. Explain socialization and how can be achieved?

8. What is a Schema according to Piagets theory of cognitive development?

9. Name five subfields of Psychology and explain three of them briefly?

10. Explain briefly the psychology of behavior from neuroscience point of view?

11. Define experimental research method? Give one example?

12. Name the three basic functions of nervous system? Give one example?

13. Define briefly the concepts of sensation and perception? Give one example for each one?