Cultural, Social Environment?

What is your job look like?
Features and benefits:

Health insurance:
Life insurance:
Prescription drug programs:
Vision programs:
Women’s health programs:
College or certification, tuition reimbursement:

Cultural, Social Environment?
Casual atmosphere:
Hands on self-directed:
Small quiet at home:
Lots of sunlight open-space:

The Day to Day:
Indoors single location:
Back-office interpersonal interaction:
More sitting less physical labor:
Morning’s days fixed hours:

Your ideal job:
Features and benefits that you would ideally like to have in your future job.
Health insurance, life insurance, college certification reimbursement independent staff less interpersonal interaction.

Most tabs:
Health insurance, college reimbursement independent staff:

Where to Look ? Resources & Search Strategies):
Walgreen’s Pharmacy Leesburg:
Leesburg hospital: pharmacy:
Doctor’s offices Leesburg plaza:
Lab -Corp Leesburg:
Your Social Resources:
Family: Damon Shane Mosley Dutchie:
Friends: Betty Ruby Grant, Patrick John Wayne:
School: the high schools to grade school three teacher centers andU.M.A.
Gym, sports: wellness club the walking club. The running club:

People I know who could help: How They Could Help:

Damon at the Bank:
Betty, American home companion’s private duty:
Ruby, Leesburg the hospital Leesburg:
John, Leesburg Hospital:

Your Online Resources:

Leesburg Hospital——-C.N.A. Human resources E-mail, — Apply.
Leesburg Nursing Home—–Front Desk Human resources,— inquired.
Walgreens Pharmacy—–Supervisor– E-mail –Apply.
Leesburg Urgent care——Human Resources—- Inquired.
Villages Hospital——Human Resources—Apply
Lady Lake Dental—-Front Desk Supervisor—E-Mail.
C.V.S Pharmacy—Lady Lake—Supervisor—Inquired.

Assignment two work scenario: list three things that the employee did not do well (what does not work)