Critical Thinking Exercise


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Nurse Jim Chen has been the nurse manager of Primerica clinics within a large healthcare organization for over 10 years. Jim is considered an excellent communicator and is well regarded by the physicians, nurses, and auxiliary staff. The healthcare system has been converting the acute care areas to the electronic healthcare records (EHR) and is not ready to introduce them to the outpatient clinics. Jim has been appointed a “champion” of EHR for the clinics, and is charged with gathering a committee for implementation. He knows the members of the staff have different Aring views on the electronic health record, but most view it as necessary change. However, some of the older stuff feel very threatened(that jobs must be in danger), because they are uncomfortable with computers and new technology and have limited keyboarding skills.
1. what are some of the issues that Jim must plan for?
2. What theory or model might be useful?
3. Who should be involved in the committee to plan this change?
4. What might be Jim’s first step and planning for this innovation?
5. How might he or the committee prevent or decrease resistance of other staff?

This information was retrieved from Leadership & Nursing Care Management 5th edition, Diane L. Huber, 2014