Create a work of art utilizing the creative process.

This project is about the process of making art. Goal: Create a work of art utilizing the creative process. The total project is worth up to 20 possible points. It includes 4 steps:

1) Research a self-developed topic, 2) State the goals of the topic and personal connection that are to be expressed in your original work of art, 3) Create/problem solve, and 4) Present and critically analyze the resulting artwork.

Project Description:

1. Develop a topic on any subject that you consider important for yourself or that you have strong personal opinions about. In developing the topic, you must seek out multiple points of view and perspectives, opinions and critical analysis on the chosen topic that arise from comprehensive research and discovery.

2. Write a paragraph of at least a half-page on the project topic. Explain why this topic is important to you. You need to connect your research to the work of art that you intend to produce, which will visually represent your unique and well-articulated artist’s statement.

3. Create a work of art utilizing any art form/medium you feel comfortable working within. As the project is underway, document the stages of development through photographic images taken at the inception, the mid-point, and the conclusion of your art creating process. You three resulting images are to document the progression of the artistic creation.

4. Write a well-organized and insightful paragraph that is a self-reflection on the completed artwork. This statement should be a half-page in length. Critically assess for yourself if the artwork turned out as you had visualized in your artistic statement prior to the creation of the piece. Feel free to include the opinions and comments made by an associate(s) as to what they took away from their perception of the artwork.

5. In conclusion, the submitted project should include your well-articulated one page essay that includes your artist’s statement (not less than 200 words) and a personal self-assessment (not less than 200 words) as to how the project meet your artistic and topical goals. You will also submit to the appropriate online assignment drop box your 3 progression images.

Please review “A Short Guide to Writing About Art” Chapter 5 and Chapter 6by S. Ba