Create a Nursing Diagnosis.

Create a Nursing Diagnosis.


In this assignment, you will be required to use the assessments (see attachment) you have completed on your community (safety in the daycare) and a problem you have identified (around hazardous material) to create a Nursing Diagnosis.


Review the assessments you have completed on your community. (Attached)

Review Community Nursing Diagnosis (see attached)
Analyze the data you have collected.
Select at least one social or environmental issue you were able to identify based on your analysis of the assessment data (Hazard material exposed, no policy and procedure implemented for safety for hazardous materials). This should be the problem that you will be addressing in your clinical project.
Using the Community Nursing Diagnosis and Goals Template Preview (see attached) write a Nursing Diagnosis based on that issue.
Describe your project in detail and how it will address this diagnosis.