contemporary issues- report


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Details of task: You are required to choose one (1) contemporary issue in nursing on which to focus. You then need to prepare a report to the head of an organisation, e.g. a hospital, local government or relevant non-governmental organisation (NGO), with recommendations about how best to address the issue. You will need to clearly outline the issue, identify key factors or influences as well as impacts of the issue (on patients, nurses, hospitals and/or the community as a whole), discuss one existing approach to dealing with the issue, and suggest four (4) improvements to the
approach. Claims and suggestions in your essay should be supported by relevant evidence from the peer-reviewed academic literature (at least 15 sources). You may also, where relevant, refer to other sources such as government and NGO reports.
Some example topics are listed below, or you may select your own topic in consultation with the unit coordinator. ? Scope of practice for nurse practitioner roles ? The use of a third tier workforce (i.e. unskilled staff care provision) ? The internationalisation of the nursing workforce ? Whistle blowing in healthcare ? Key Performance Indicators (KPI?s) and their effect on nurses? workload ? The nursing workforce: shortage or surplus? ? The use of technology in the nursing workforce (informatics) ? Cultural competence in care delivery
Your report should include sections identified by headings and subheadings, including: ? Meaningful title ? this should engage the reader and convey what the report will be about ? Introduction to the report (brief intro to the issue and its context, very brief outline of what you will discuss). ? Description of the issue (what is the problem, why is it a problem, how big a problem, who does it affect) ? Key factors/influences (this can be presented in table format, and must include references. Aim to present 3 factors). o Brief description of each factor/influence o Consequences/impacts of this factor ? Approach/solution/program (this can be a policy: hospital/organisation/government level; a process ? e.g. a checklist; or a specific program such as an awareness campaign or training course). o Brief description (include appropriate citations) o Summary of strengths and weaknesses ? Two strategies to improve the approach o Brief description of each o Identify how each suggestion will strengthen the program o Identify if there are any limitations to your suggestion (and counter them!)
o Evidence that your suggestion will be effective (e.g. look at similar programs for different issues, or different programs for this issue) ? Conclusion (Brief summary/reminder of the issue, key factors, and your solution to the problem, as well as why it is important to fix it). ? Reference list (you should aim to integrate appropriate information or ideas from at least 12 peer-reviewed journal articles into your paper. Additional references to NGO and Government websites may also be included.