Compare and contrast recruitment training and appraisal between collectivist and individualistic countries.

International Human Resource Management

Answer each question. APA format with references. Please put the question number next to the answer

1. 200 words

How do nations differ in HRM? What are the major national context characteristics that affect IHRM?

2. 200 words

For recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, and evaluation, explain how adaptation and knowledge of foreign cultures are key determinants of success in international human resource management.

3. 200 word answer

Describe the types of employees in multinational firms. How does IHRM select and prepare them for international assignments?

4. 200 word answer

Compare and contrast recruitment, training, and appraisal between collectivist and individualistic countries.

5. 100 words

One of the reasons for expatriate failure is the inability of the expatriate to adjust to the socio-cultural environment of target country of deployment. As an International human resource manager, what other causes can you unearth? How can you address them in order to reduce the failure rate to the barest minimum?