Common Assesment Project

For this assignment, you will interview with an individual who works in a healthcare institution. It could be a hospital department, an ambulatory facility, a long-term care facility, a health insurance company or managed care organization, an emergency management department, in health information systems, or in a home health or hospice, or health insurance company.Your paper should be 4 -5 pages in length excluding cover page and references. You should note the following:

  1. Follow the APA format
  2. Do not use question and answer format for me
  3. See grading rubric for guidance
  4. Include all aspects of the interview questions as listed below.
  5. Cite your sources. At least cite the textbook and other external sources.
  6. Describe the department or facility you have chosen and nature of work done in the facility
  7. Any interesting information related to your chosen department or facility you would like to share.

Personnel to be interviewed must be ONE of the following:

  • The Administrator
  • The Director of Nursing (DON)
  • Any Licensed professional
  • Department manager or
  • A Full-time management employee

Please be polite and introduce yourself as a student of AIU, an aspiring Healthcare Management Professional. Express your appreciation to the chosen personnel for helping you with your interview project by answering the questions below: If she prefers to be anonymous, no problem with that.

  • What department is he/she working?
  • What are his/her primary duties?
  • What qualifications does one need to function in his/her position, including educational qualifications?
  • Who are the clients?
  • What can be done from her perspective to market the services they provide?
  • Why was licensure required for his/her job if any?
  • Are there other areas he/she can function effectively? If so where?
  • Has the Affordable Care Act has any effect on healthcare from his/her perspective? If yes how?
  • Ask for any advice he/she could give you in you as an aspiring healthcare manager.

You will then summarize your interview and cite your references.

The grading rubric will be posted in the course room for your attention.

NOTE: Please prepare a report of between 4 and 5 pages, excluding cover page and references in APA format.