Clinical Education, Simulation &amp Technology in the Learning Environment


Directions for Homework 4: Alternate Modalities of Clinical Teaching
1. Complete this week’s reading assignments.
2. Review lesson PowerPoint Voice Overs over chapters 7, 9, 10, 11
3. Use an Internet source to design a self-directed learning activity that facilitates students’ learning; specify the domain (cognitive, psychomotor or affective) targeted for skill development. Examples:
• Find an internet site that has content that can be used for clinical learning. There are sites that describe case studies, risk management cases, games, situations depicted in a video clip or some other type of multimedia. (Example of access sites: you tube videos, Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, Johnson and Johnson, Healthcare Quality sites, CDC, IHI, Joint Commission).
4. Explain the assignment and how it relates to clinical education; formulate two learning objectives for the assignment, and how they relate to domain development.
5. Provide clear directions for the students.
6. Post URL of Internet site.
7. Include at least two citations from scholarly resources supporting the teaching and learning activity as potentially beneficial.
8. Use proper grammar and sentence structure.
9. Use APA for citations and references.

Internet Resources and ideas:


Week Four Assignment

Component Criteria Points Earned
Design self-directed learning activity with internet source. • Investigate an Internet site that could be adapted as a self-directed learning activity. Provides the URL to access site.
• Describes the learning activity designed for the students and how it relates to domain development. Formulates two learning objectives for the assignment.
• Include at least two citations from scholarly resources that support the teaching and learning modality as potentially beneficial to student learning. 50
Grammar, structure, organization,
APA formatting. • Uses appropriate sentence structure and grammar.
• Writing has clarity and is organized.
• All citations are properly cited and referenced with APA.

Alternate Modalities of Clinical Teaching

Course Objectives:
• Analyze information about quality initiatives recognizing the contributions of individuals and inter-professional healthcare teams to improve health outcomes across the continuum of care. (5)
• Use current and emerging technologies in the care environment to support lifelong learning for self and others. (6)
Class Objectives:
a. Describe current issues affecting the use of technology in nursing.
b. Discuss teaching and learning strategies applicable to student self-directed learning.
c. Identify various types of teaching strategies utilizing technology to enhance learning objectives.
d. Explore the realm of virtual reality and game-based clinical education activities.
e. Investigate how alternative forms of technology, computer-based learning) can facilitate skills acquisition and enhance learning in the laboratory and clinical settings.
f. Analyze how integrating case method, case studies, and grand rounds promote development of cognitive skills.
g. Describe the components of QSEN.
h. Describe the objectives of the TIGER initiative and identify methods for integration into clinical education. Textbook:
Chapters 7, 9, 10 & 11
Review the following websites:


Required Viewing on QSEN:

Review the following videos:

Required Articles: (Posted on Moodle)
1. Bednash, G., Crononwett, L., Dolansky, M. (2013). QSEN transforming education. Journal of Professional Nursing, 29(2), 66–67.
2. Giddens, J., Hrabe, D., Carlson-Sabelli, L. Fogg, L., & North, S. (2012). The impact of a virtual community on student engagement and academic performance among baccalaureate nursing students. Journal of Professional Nursing, 28(5), 284–290.

Discussion Board Week 4: Virtual Reality
Assignment Week 4: Alternate Modalities of Clinical Teaching