Choose an outcome that you currently track through your employment.


Directions: Submit a 3-4 page paper NOT format with a minimum of 3 reference

This may be something such as a Press-Ganey score, HCAHPS, CMS, JC, or other outcome. Read chapter 13 in the text as well as the site in Lecture 2.

TEXT BOOK; text book reference; Laura J. Fero, Charlotte A. Herrick & Jie Hu (2011) Introduction to Case Coordination & nursing management

“Begin with the outcomes in mind” (Howe, 2005, p.4) and create a plan to track your outcome from the beginning-the patient. Include the following as level two headings:
> The patient
> Nursing Outcomes
>Steps taken to identify relevant outcome measures
> ANA Report Card for the outcome
> Nursing Outcome Indicators
> Tools for Measurement
> Sources of best evidence