Choose 2-3 theories and relate them to your nursing practice


Paper details:
Initial Post: Relevance to the topic of discussion
The posting directly addresses key issues, questions, or problems related to the topic of discussion. The posting applies course concepts with examples showing applied knowledge and understanding of topic with appropriate use of citations/references Post has been submitted by the due date. (6 points)
6.0 pts
The posting does not directly address the question or problem posed by the discussion and/or no initial discussion post will result in a zero. (2-0 points)
2.0 pts

6.0 pts
Initial Post: Insight and application of course concepts
The posting offers original and thoughtful insight, synthesis or observation that demonstrates a strong understanding of the concepts and ideas pertaining to the discussion topic (use of examples). Use of appropriate citations/references to support all claims and facts. (6 points)
6.0 pts

reference page in APA format
I am a community health nurse that deals with diabetic foot ulcers. this can be informal but still APA format for references in the paper. it is more of a discussion format. I have added the above requirements for the assignment. If you have to leave one article out I would go with the leadership matching, but this one may help relate the theory to nursing practice.