Child abuse and neglect

Integrated Nursing Practice 5

Assessment 3

Major case study


Trimester 2, 2019

The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate how you

will assess the needs of a whole family located within a rural

area, and to identify the strategies you will implement to assist

them in living a healthy life through improving their health


Part one (500 words)

Provide a brief overview of the case study, highlighting the

important information.

Identify one actual problem and one potential problem from

the information gathered, and determine how you, as the

School nurse, can provide interventions to support Maisie and

her parents during this time.

Provide rationales for the interventions you suggest and cite

evidence supporting your chosen rationale.

Each intervention should also include a method for evaluating

it’s success.

Writing a Case Study


Read and examine the case thoroughly. Take notes, highlight

relevant facts, underline key problems.

Focus your analysis. Identify two to five key problems. (you only

need to write about one and one potential problem) ..

Uncover possible solutions/changes needed. Review course

readings, discussions, outside research, your experience.

Select the best Solution.

Reflection on a case Study

Exam the case thoroughly

Reviewing the case study allows you the practice of reflection.

Identify the important information in the case study

Rather than just reviewing the case study you need to be reflective that

is your own awareness of how clinical practice (you as a nurse) can

effect the care provided

Then reflect on the care situation within the case study

Nurse need to have critical thinking skills to work in the increasingly

complex clinical environment

Reflexivity allows you to “deeply self-examination, your own political

consciousness, cultural awareness and take ownership of your own



Briefly note the ‘problem’ or problems that exist within the

case study

Make a list of the problems (brain storm)

Identify from this list

One actual problem

One potential problem

This will allow you to use your own knowledge and

independently develop solutions, rather than refer to the

knowledge imparted to, this will assit you in developing of

your own problem‐solving abilities

Nursing Practice – decision

making flowchart

Solution – Intervention

Then review the possible solutions and identify any

possible causes to identify the changes needed

Look at the literature on the problem you identified

Review the learning form the unit

Review the reading for the unit

Results – evaluation

Select the best solution to the problem and rationalise why

with the support of the literature

Nursing decision making

General steps to decision making include:

Identifying a problem: What is the purpose of the decision?

Establishing intervention: Who will be affected?

Identifying options: What interventions are possible?

Making a plan: Which rational for this?

Taking action: Do it.

Evaluating the interventions: How did it work out?

Part two – 2000 words

Write a short essay that demonstrates you understanding of

child abuse and neglect, including the potential harm they can

have on the child.

Then, outline your role as a School Nurse in the process of

Mandatory Reporting when you have good evidence to suggest

that Maisie is at risk of significant harm (Maisie keeps

coming to school with no lunch and has visibly lost

weight. Parents have refused all resources offered or

provided for nutrition).

Child abuse and neglect

Define child abuse and neglect

The effects child abuse and neglect has on a child


Child health

Child development

Child social

And others…..

Role as a School Nurse

The role of the school nurse

The role of the nurse in mandatory reporting

The role of the school nurse is relation to mandatory

What t is mandatory reporting

Ensure that al this relates to your case study so integrate your

case study into the essay

Peer reviewed Journals

One mistakes student often make is not using research to support their argument in their essays.

You need to read a lot to be able to find the right information –

skim each of the abstracts of the research article you identify in a literature review to see if the information is what you

need for the essay you are writing

Using the search term: school nursing and child neglect

Harding, L., Davison-Fischer, J., Bekaert, S., & Appleton, J. (2019). The role of the school nurse in protecting children and young people from

maltreatment: An integrative review of the literature. International journal of nursing studies.

Jordan, K. S., MacKay, P., & Woods, S. J. (2017). Child maltreatment: Optimizing recognition and reporting by school nurses. NASN school

nurse, 32(3), 192-199.

Lines, L., Grant, J., & Hutton, A. (2018). How do nurses keep children safe from abuse and neglect, and does it make a difference? A scoping