Becoming an active professional


This assignment is related to the ANA Code of Ethics – Provision 9. Advocating for the profession is important. Writing a letter is one of the ways a
nurse can positively promote nursing and its causes. The purpose of this assignment is to write a
professional letter to address the image of nursing or to promote a cause for nursing.
Construct a professional letter using one of the two options below.
Your letter will consist of proper address, correct salutation/greeting, body of the letter, proper closing,
and contact information.
Option A: Write a letter on a current economic or political topic related directly to nursing. Address your
letter to the appropriate person – You need to write to a person who is in a position to do something
about the problem. For example, you should not write to the President to address a healthcare issue
that needs to be passed in congress. You would want to address the correct Senator or representative
from your state who will be voting on the issue. This is a professional letter, so letter form, grammar and
punctuation is graded, too. This could be to a congressman or woman or to other legislators, to big
business or corporations. Remember, there must be a close nursing link to write this letter. You might
want to look at a professional organization website in order to look for options.
Option B: Write a letter to defend the image of nursing. Most often nursing is portrayed as less than
professional in popular media, TV, advertising, greeting cards, etc. Choose an example and write a
professional letter to the appropriate person to tell them why you think they have portrayed nursing
unprofessionally. Tell them how this affects the image of nursing and provide suggestions to change
the situation. Look at popular TV shows, e-greetings, traditional cards advertising etc. to find an
example. You can even “Google” to find some idea