aspects of incidence of disease Communication

The Chinese communities
2. Cultural Paper (40%) Individual assignment: Write a 6-page paper detailing the summary of the above interview and cultural group using Transcultural Nursing Assessment Guide (for cultural/ethnic groups): Appendix B of Andrews/Boyle

Introduction of the assignment (1%)
Give a brief background of the person you interviewed include their culture, ethnicity, religion, and any other interesting facts about the person (3%)
Provide a brief literature overview of that culture and religion (3%)
Present a summary of all the categories covered on the interview (24%)
Bio-cultural variations and cultural aspects of incidence of disease
Cultural affiliations
Cultural sanctions and Restrictions
Developmental considerations
Educational background
Health-related beliefs and practices
Kinship and social networks
Religion and spirituality
Values orientation
Provide a succinct, clear comparison of the findings from your interview to what is generally known about that cultural and religious population (3%)
Conclusion (1%)
APA 6th Edition Format (4%)
Citation and References: Peer-reviewed, current articles at least 3 articles in the last five years (1%)