Are they consistent or inconsistent with what you already know about yourself?

The goals for this paper are
1. To give you an opportunity to practice reflection, analysis and self awareness, critical management skills;
2. To give you a structured way to learn from experience and data; and
3. To give you the opportunity to develop insights for your future, an action agenda, and conclusions, based on data you collect about yourself.
The paper should be based on the results of at least three self assessments you have taken recently. The self assessments should include at least one personality test (e.g. The Big Five, Insights, Myers-Briggs). The body of the paper should be no more than five to seven pages, double spaced. Turn it in via e-mail before class on the day it is due. You will need to be terse yet thorough. You should use bullet points, tables, and other visuals to convey information. The paper is highly structured, personal, and written in the first person. It is about you, not people in general.
Section I: Concrete Data:
Describe your data sources. What is your personality type, and so forth? This is your first-hand description of the raw data you will be using in the analysis. What are your sources for these data?
Section II: Reflection:
Reflect on your data. Are they accurate? Did you try to “game” your answers? Are there surprises in the data? Are they consistent or inconsistent with what you already know about yourself? This is an opportunity to gain perspective by looking into each assessment and also by comparing across assessments.
Section III: Analysis and Synthesis:
This is where you get to demonstrate that you understand the concepts that underpin the data and that you can make connections among the various assessments and relate them to your real life experiences. This is where you find connections, ambiguities, tensions, and anomalies.
Section IV: Implications and Action Plan:
This is the conclusions section, the “what have I learned,” and “what might I try to change in the future”. It is also the place in which you appreciate your strengths and address areas you might want to develop further.
Sections I, II, and IV are each worth 20 percent, section III is worth 30 percent, and the last 10 percent is allocated for overall quality, grammar and integration of the paper.