Are there two or three memorable scenes?

Give the introduction to your research topic and your thesis sentence. What do you want the reader to see about your book after he or she reads your essay? You will develop this much more in your final paper, but this should be a focused essay on at least one point you plan on making in your final paper.

This paper will contain your very best analysis of the work you choose. This is a stand-alone paper, showing the depth of your understanding and perceptions about this work. Again, make sure you focus on the work itself. You may want to look at the structure of the work. (Can it be divided into more than one part? Are there two or three memorable scenes?) You may want to look at the characterizations in the book. (Did one character change throughout the work?) You may want to look at the influence of the book. (What changed as a result of its publication?) Anything that you have in your first paper may be used in this paper, as long as it is relevant to the points you are making.
Your final research paper should include at least five sources. The paper will be graded on content, conventions, appropriate tone and language, and appropriate use of sources in the body of the paper. The Works Cited page will be graded at the same time, and will be used to check the in-text citations.

Here is what I need for the bibliography
Write an annotation for each source that includes:
a summary of the source
why you think this is a valid source
the relevance of the source: the type of information you will be using from it
an example of an in-text parenthetical reference of the source.

Also i need approx 700 words preliminary draft of that final paper.
on the preliminary draft use two outside sources from the library databases.