Analyse how the photograph conveys

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Take a photograph of and item, object, place, person, experience, that you think represents or
engages with creative industries themes. Using reading and referencing, write a 1000 word exegesis
in essay form (an exegesis is a critical explanation and interpretation of a text) that explains the
significance of the image and analyses how it relates to one week of the course.
In your essay you must compose an introduction, body and conclusion and through these
components you should:
1. Explain/describe the photograph and why you took it
2. Analyse how the photograph conveys and connects to the week in the course you think it
best represents and how it mobilises the creative industries themes we have been engaging
in this unit
3. Use reading from the course (and accurate referencing) to analyse in considered detail the
significance of the photograph and its relationship to the creative industries