A critical analysis of a health promotion intervention Diabetes effecting Schizophrenia patients


Title: A critical analysis of a health promotion intervention: Diabetes effecting Schizophrenia patients
1. A 2000 word essay based on a health promotion on Diabetes effecting Schizophrenia patients
2. activity that you have undertaken (or closely participated in) whilst on clinical placement.

3. A rationale for the importance/necessity of the health promotion (hp) intervention that includes relevant epidemiological data and relates to contemporary health and/or social policy

4. Application of a suitable health promotion model and/ or behaviour change theory to the activity undertaken.

4. Critical consideration of health literacy in both the delivery of the health promotion activity and any supporting materials used.

5. An evaluation of your health promotion activity.

• You need to demonstrate sound understanding of health promotion policy, evidence and theory related to your topic area.
• You will not be able to address every health promotion theory, choose one model only and apply this to your topic;
• Your essay should have a logical structure and have a systematic approach to care based on the Nursing Process.
• Consider a paragraph for each concept and aspect of your essay.
• Lead the reader through your discussion by signposting.
• You need to present a balanced discussion and a range of perspectives.
• Consider application of your concepts and theory from the viewpoints of all stakeholders.
• Your points should be logical and reasoned.