X Men Comics Are Based On The Idea That Mutations In A Gene Called X Gene Give P (1)

X men comics are based on the idea that mutations in a gene called X gene give people powers.

-X men mutant parents will usually but not always have mutant children. What is the mode of inheritance of mutant powers? – Human parents with no family history of powers may occasionally have a mutant child. Provide the most likely explanation for how this could occur. 

-Professor X recently discovered that the RNA transcribed from gene X associates with a protein complex to form a ribonucleoprotein located in the nucleus. Provide a hypothesis about the potential function of this RNP-X 

-A new Gene-X allele arises in a small rural town. It doesnt confer mutant powers and is otherwise selectively neutral (has no benefit or detriment). Would you expect this allele to increase or decrease in frequency over the next 50 generations? explain. 

-Mutation of gene X confers a wide range of powers. Would you expect gene X to be under purifying selection, diversifying selection, or neither? explain. 

-Is this mutations frequency likely to change more or less quickly in a very large population like New York City? Why.

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