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Writing a promotion letter can be an intimidating process. Often, individuals are entitled to a pay raise, or even an advancement in their professional title/position. However, as leadership can get overwhelmed or busy, sometimes the individual is overlooked. In other cases, the individual concludes the time has come for he/she to approach the leadership to ask for a promotion.

Please go online and review/read five professional promotion letters. If you can, find these letters in your area of study (finance, medicine, education, social work, business, etc.). Describe how these letters are similar in nature. In other words, how do they exemplify asking for a promotion in a manner of way that will help you to obtain your leader’s attention, as well as approval for a promotion? What kind of verbiage do the letters use? What kind of template? Etc.

This analysis is designed for you to be able to identify and understand what is entailed, as well as the best way, for seeking a promotion as you hope and plan to climb the professional ladder. Should the day come that you have to write one, this will help equip you.

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