Would this be useful to the business in the course case study?

Base on this week’s reading, I believe that we are studying HRM in the first week because it lays the foundation for what need to happen to move employees toward business objectives. Strategy from HR manager is meant to support the overall mission of the organization. To include writing and enforcing the policy are in aligned with the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives. HR management must also be aware of the internal and external environment to ensure they are allied with the organization’s goal and objective. For example, HR manager’s strategy will need to include organization culture, multicultural hiring, retention of employees, benefits and processes that move employee toward company objectives and goals. For external factor, HR managers will need to understand external threat, strength, weakness, and opportunity that effect employees and the overall organization, for example new laws and regulation (Business Jargons, n.d.).


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Discussion 3

Databases are an integral part of Zillow; now consider and list some reasons that a business might use a database.

Store customer information and buying history to target marketing campaigns

Large business may store data for sale to smaller business

To record business statistics for management reporting examples sales amounts, inventory, labor costs

Creating schedules for large call centers and general workforce management functions

Transactional processing in the credit card industry and banks

Zillow uses business intelligence to create a unique product for its customers, how can business intelligence be used in the course case study?

They can sell their trending data to mortgage lenders to do a less expensive initial appraisal of the property. It is also used so homeowners can see the data on their house or a prospective house to help in home buying decisions. Customers may also use it to see the tending of their property value or their property in relation to similar properties.

In the course case study, how could a data mart be used to help with the release of a new-product launch?

Data mart could be used specifically for lending data of the consumer, including salary, credit score, location, etc. This consumer data mart would be separate from the data mart for houses.

Categorize the five common characteristics of high- quality information and rank them in order of importance to the course case study.

5. Zillow uses a data- driven website to run its business, Would this be useful to the business in the course case study? Explain why or why not.