Why are the female Disney villains (usually) ugly?

When it comes to Disney, I would like you to think about several areas of exploration:
– Does Disney influence American values, as it relates to women, or does it REFLECT values?
– Follow the timeline of major Disney cartoon releases alongside developments in American culture during the 20th and early 21st century. How what choices does Disney make about how a princess looks and behaves during various decades? Snow White is a VERY different character from Rapunzel, even though, both movies take place during the same era (the Middle Ages in Eurorpe).
– Why are the female Disney villains (usually) ugly? Does their lack of sex appeal make them less valuable to society (worth-less) than the princesses?
– Keep in mind that, historically, princesses served ONE purpose: to produce heirs to the throne. We cannot escape the fact that women are still perceived as being primarily baby-makers. We also should keep in mind that recent Disney heroines Merida may be the most “different” as her goals and ambitions are more about her becoming a