Who was the Entrepreneur that started the company?

What is the beginning of the company? Who was the Entrepreneur that started the company? What are their background—born rich or poor, their education level, and work experiences before starting the company, age, etc.
Give any examples of the company being both socially responsible and ethical or examples if they have not been. Additionally, explain how the things they might be doing can be defined as responsible or ethical.
Detail how the company markets their product(s) or service(s). Do they sell only in the US or to other countries—if other countries, what are some of the countries, and are the products any different than the ones offered in the US.
Detail the history of how the company has been organized—sole proprietor, small business, franchising, and/or large business. Describe and detail any mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, and divestitures.
What is the organizational structure? What is their Mission Statement? What is their Vision? What is the corporate culture?
What is their marketing strategy, market segmentation, relationship marketing, etc.
Has the company had any products which have run through their “life cycle”? Describe how any of their products might have progressed through the four stages of the “product life cycle”. What is their distribution strategy? Do they have any “Cash Cows”?
Review their finances—what was their gross sales and net income for their last full year? What is their stock price? Is the stock price up or down at the end of 2015? Is the company listed on the New York Stock exchange or the NASDAQ stock market? What is the stocks ticker symbol?